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Wood Bleaching

Bleach comes in several forms. The first and mildest form we have is Oxalic crystals. Oxalic acid is more a cleaning product than a bleach and it is used as an active ingredient in washing powders to remove water stains, blood stains, ink stains, rust stains and other organic stains. Mylands oxalic acid comes in crystal form and is mixed with hot water use. We also have ready mixed oxalic acid, liberon wood bleach and Lakeone wood lightener 15 minutes. Stronger bleaches include Iso two part bleach which works with the reaction of acid and alkali. Gloves and goggles are needed as the reaction produces foaming and heat. The wood will bleach well and produces a lighter yellow colour in most cases. Another type of bleach is lakeone wood whitener or wood decolorant 9hours. It is a very good bleach and will bleach to a white colour which makes it easier to recolour if required with out having to neutralize a colour first. .

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