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At The Fenlan Products Store we supply products for a wide range of purposes.

Furniture Repair Products 

This section contains all the items you may need to repair marks or scratches to polished surfaces; damaged wood; general construction, restoration and leather restoration. These products include; Glues, (PVA, Pearl, Rabbit Skin glue, Supper Glue, Araldite) Fillers; (Liberon Wood Filler, Liberon Wood Stopping, Liberon Two Part Filler, Brummer, Quirk-o.) Ring-remover; Burnishing Cream; Touch-up Pens and Coloured leather Creams.

Wood Preparation - This section for the first stages of working on timber and surface work. It includes Abrasives; (Garnet Paper, Wet & Dry, Silicon Carbide Paper, Cloth Back Rolls and more.) Liberon Steel Wool, Fillers; Bleaches; (Including, Oxalic Acid, Lakeone Wood Whitener, Lakeone Wood Lightener, Liberon Wood Bleach.) Cleaning; and Stripping (Including, Acetic Acid, Washing Soda, Enviromose Stripper, Liberon Fine Wood Stripper).

Wood Turning - This sub-section has our range specifically for woodturning. We have safety clothes, Wood turner’s lathe Polish , Woodturning Sticks.

Wood Finishing Products - This has our extensive range of Sealers; Oil Finishes; Lacquers; French Polishes (Shellac Polish). These are for internal; external; Furniture and Floors. There is a sub-section of ‘Aids for finishing’. These include polishing rag/cloth, Tack rags and Solvents.

Colouring - This section contains dyes; stains; pigments; and bleaches. These are made by variable brands to suit your needs and preferences. These brands and colouring products include, Liberon Palette Wood Dye, Liberon Spirit Wood Dye, Mylands Light Fast Stain, Mylands Oil Stain, Mylands Nitro Stain, Jenkins Oil Stain, Liberon Water Based Concentrated Dye, Mylands Powder Dyes and Stains (Water and Spirit) Jenkins Concentrated Dye Stainer and more.

Waxes - We have different types of waxes for different uses. These are put in sub-sections of ‘Restoration Waxes’, ‘Pine Finishing Waxes’ and ‘Effect Waxes’. These are not just for timber! We have these in different brands including ‘Mylands Traditional Wax’, ‘Liberon Black Bison Waxes’, Lakeone Buffing Wax’, ‘Harrell’s Wax’, ‘Briwax’.

Metal Treatment - This is where you will find ‘Gilding Materials’, Gilt Varnishes and Creams. Metal Cleaning and finishing are also included as well as ‘Antiquing Fluid. These include, Liberon Silver Polish, Liberon Brass and Copper Cleaner, Liberon Brass and Copper Polish, Liberon Rust Remover, Liberon Iron Paste, Liberon Gilt Varnish, Liberon Gilt Cream, Liberon Gesso, Liberon Jade Oil.

Upholstery - We have a wide range of upholstery materials which we also sell in smaller amounts to suit small projects. We supply mainly traditional upholstery products including webbing, cords, twines, threads, springs, hair, fibre, calico, felt, wadding, hessian, polyester, upholstery nail, gimp pins, tacks, pins, needles, regulators, magnetic hammers, scissors and more.

Paint - As the title says Paint, but for a range of purposes separated by sub-sections. These include furniture Paint; Floor Paint; Wall & Ceiling Paint; Metal Paint; Masonry Paint; Special Effect Paints; Interior and Exterior.

Floor Work - This section includes; Floor Finishes; Fillers; Colouring; Bleaching; Waxing and Cleaning Products. (Liberon Floor Sealer, Liberon floor Oil, Liberon Floor Wax, Liberon Stone Sealer Natural, Liberon Stone Floor Sealer Colour Enhancer, Stone Floor Wax, Stone Floor Shine, Liberon Laminate Reviver, Liberon Laminate Clean and Seal and more. These products are for different flooring materials including timber, stone, terracotta and laminate.

Wood Components - Wooden legs; Wooden Feet, Bun Feet, Tulip Feet, Cabriole Legs, Wooden Knobs, Wooden finials and more.

Brushes - There are many brushes for different uses. We have brushes for polishing (Mops), varnishing; painting; waxing; cleaning; staining and more. There include, Furniture Brushes, Drum Brushes, Scrubbing Brushes, Wire Brushes, Bronze Brushes, Liming Brushes, Dusting Brushes, Bridle Glue Brushes, Bleach Brushes, Goose Quills, Flat Varnish Brushes and so on. Made from, Squirrel Hair, Ox Hair, Zorino, Soft hair, Hog Hair, Bristle, etc.

Handles - We have a very wide range of restoration and reproduction handles. They include Swan-neck Handles, Ring Handles, Plate Handles, Oval Handles, Cup Handles, Pedestal Handles, Engraved Handles, Drop Handles, Pierced Handles, Tray Handles, Military Chest Handles, Knobs and more. Some handles are separated in period styles such as Art Nouveau, Georgian’ Edwardian etc. We have handles and knobs made from brass, china, wood, bone etc.

Fittings - This section covers various Hinges, Castors, Catches, Screws, Escutcheons, Keys, Stays, Locks, Ball Catches, Mirror Fittings, Bolts, Hooks and more. There are sub-sections for Table fittings which include, Banjo Catches, Table Bolts, Table Forks, Table Turns, Table Screws, Winding Handles and others.

Accessories - This section contains all those extra things to protect and aid your work. This section includes, Dust masks, Fume Masks, Aprons, Latex Gloves, Vinyl gloves, Nitrile Gloves, Chemical gloves, Cotton Rags/Clothes, Polishing Cotton, Stockinette, Mutton Clothes, Tack rags, Cotton waste filling.

Inlays & Decorations - This section includes, Wood Stringing , Lines, Inlays, Marquetry, Metal Trims, Ormolu, Gallery, Decorative Brass Plates, Shell inlays, Mother of Pearl, Green Snail Shell, Abalone Shell, Gold Lip Shell, Reclaimed Ivory (Piano Keys).

Garden & External - Exterior, Stains, Oils and Paints. These include, Liberon Aqua Stop Deck Finish, Liberon Garden Furniture Oil, Liberon Extreme Woodstain, Liberon Extreme Varnish, Liberon High Protection Woodstain, Mylands Exterior Marble Matt Emulsion, Mylands Exterior Wood and Metal Paint.