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Tricks with Treatex


Introducing a great new find for our range of products. For Floors, Furniture and Internal Woodwork.

We have used it and we are impressed!

 It has great ‘Tones’ (colours) and comes with a choice of sheens. (Matt, Satin and Gloss).

 Some of the tones can help you achieve that ‘sun-bleached” drift-wood’ look.Which is so ‘in’ today.

 ’Treatex Hardwax Oil’ is manufactured on a base of natural sustainability in raw materials including: Jojoba Oil, Linseed Oil, Sunflower Oil, Beeswax, Candelilla Wax and Carnauba Wax.

 It Is:-

  •  User friendly.
  • Easy to apply.

  • Quick drying.

  • Hard wearing.(R10 slip resistance certified)

  • Low odour.

  • Water resistant.

  • Withstands high temperatures.

  • Repairable.

  • Safe for use on children’s toys.

  • Stain resistant (regulation DIN 68861-1B:)

 The manufacturers have already had an impressive client list. Over the past nine years Treatex Hardwax Oil has been successfully used in Cafés, Restaurants, Pubs, Nightclub and Public Libraries . Authorities have found it durable enough for some of Britain’s highest traffic floors such as Heathrow Terminal 5, The Natural History Museum in London and a number of retail outlets such as Apple stores, White Stuff shops and Selfridge in London, some of the Britain’s busiest and biggest shops.

Find Treatex on sale with more information and related products in our web-store in the ‘Floor Finishing’ section.



DIY Guide: Staining

Posted on by Fenlan

Restoring an old piece of furniture can be difficult, especially if you do not even know what type of product to use. There are many different ways to bring a tattered and distressed looking piece back to its former glory including staining. Staining is not only an easy option but it is also cheap and can cost far less than having a professional give it a renewed look. Here at Fenlan Product Store we supply a range of different stains so that you can achieve your desired finish at a low price. When you start a staining project, there are a number of tips to get you started. Continue reading →

DIY Guide to Wood Finishing

Posted on by Fenlan

Wood is a simply stunning material that can add a touch of traditional elegance to your home wherever it is used. From flooring to furniture, when using wood, the finish is undoubtedly its crowning glory and fortunately for you, we at The Fenlan Product Store have all the products and equipment you are going to need to achieve this. Detailed within this post are a few tips on wood finishing to make sure that, alongside having the right products, you have the information you need to achieve the best results. Continue reading →

Taking Care Of Your Leather Furniture

Posted on by Fenlan

Leather furniture is beautiful and elegant but can be a serious pain to maintain. It is very easily ruined if you don’t implement the proper cleaning methods. Leather furniture is expensive and delicate but if maintained correctly, the furniture could last you a lifetime. At Fenlan Product Store we understand that it can be difficult to know how to take care of your leather sofa or chair so here are some tips to keep your leather looking brand new:

Before you a try to clean your leather furniture, it is vital to determine the type of leather you’re going to clean. You can easily find this information on any tags attached to your furniture or any guidance provided with your furniture. If you haven’t got any of these then contact your furniture retailer for more information. Don’t make the mistake of cleaning your leather furniture in the wrong way, this can be disastrous. After identifying the type of leather then you can begin cleaning using these methods:-

• Vacuum the piece of furniture thoroughly using a soft brush vacuum attachment. Remember leather scratches easily so be careful. Vacuuming will get rid of any excess dirt and should be carried out regularly.

• Get the right cleaning equipment for your leather furniture. Most of today’s leather furniture will be made with top-coat protected leather. We have a range of leather cleaning products which can be used on all types of leather.

• Always test your cleaning products first. Choose a small area of the furniture that can’t be seen. Use the product and wait till it dries to see the results before you use it on the whole piece of furniture.

• When you begin to clean the whole sofa or chair, be extra careful and don’t scrub to hard. If you notice a stain that won’t budge then don’t attempt to scrub harder. This could cause more damage.

At Fenlan Product Store we provide a unique household cleaning and maintenance kit that is perfect to use on leather products. Feel free to browse our website or contact our dedicated staff if you need any extra help.

Don’t Throw it Away: Get Creative with Our Range of Upholstery Products!

Posted on by Fenlan

When your items of furniture become damaged, it can be easy to think of them as ruined but before you throw away your beloved chair, stop and think if it could be repaired. Repairing torn or damaged upholstery is a fantastic way to save money on replacing your furniture and rescuing what you previously thought was a piece of furniture destined for the tip. Continue reading →

DIY Furniture Restoration

Posted on by Fenlan

DIY furniture restorations projects can help breathe a new lease of life into tired, worn down furniture pieces, especially in this day and age with the economic climate the way it is. Rather than buying new furniture surely it makes sense to fix and restore them instead. Here’s how!

• Firstly prepare the area you wish to work in. Lay a dust sheet under the furniture you are restoring and make sure you are wearing suitable clothing and gloves.

• Apply a paint stripper with a paintbrush to remove the old finish, wax, polish and dust. Allow it set for a few minutes then use a putty knife or steel wool to gently scrape the surface. If the surface does not come off easily, leave it for a few more minutes before testing again.

• Once you have removed the entire finish soak a soft cloth in lacquer thinner then wipe each of the stripped sections clean.

• Sand all stripped areas with grit sandpaper. If you have any loose pieces on the furniture glue them back together with carpenter’s glue.

• Now it’s time for the wood stain, follow the label’s instructions to ensure you get the best results. Work it into all crevices with a clean cloth or a brush; allow it to set for the recommended time. Then wipe off the excess stain in the direction of the grain and wait 24 hours for the stain to dry.

• Once the stain has dried your furniture should be looking as good as new, add new hardware such as new handles to give your furniture a completely unique look.

Here at Fenlan Product Store we are firm believers in restoration. Why throw something away when you can simply restore it back to its natural beauty with our range of furniture repair products? Not only do we supply the products, we have an extensive knowledge about them so our friendly team can offer you the advice you need. For more information contact us here or visit our website.

Do I Restore or Do I Replace?

Posted on by Fenlan

Your home’s flooring takes a lot of abuse over time and the increased wear and tear can become obvious. Hardwood floors become stained, damaged, chipped and lifeless. When your flooring begins to look worn out it’s time to make the decision to restore it back to its natural beauty or completely replace it. Here are some factors to consider when making the decision:



Price is the first obvious factor to consider. It’s almost always going to be cheaper to restore your flooring rather than replace it. When replacing flooring you must consider the cost of the new floor as well as the installation.  You can reduce much of this cost by installing a wooden floor yourself however that requires expert knowledge and a great eye for detail. Restoring your floor will be the inexpensive solution.



If your only objective is to brighten up your floor and revive it back to its natural condition then restore it. However, if you wish to change aspects of the flooring or the materials you will need to invest in a full replacement. Restoration is the ideal solution to brighten up your floor and give it a new lease of life, whilst replacing it is ideal for incorporating an entirely new look.



Refinishing can be a meticulous process that can take time to achieve your desired look. However, replacement will almost definitely take a considerable amount of time and if it’s not done in one day it can leave you with half a floor at the end of the day.



The age of your floor also play a big role in the decision. If your floor is particularly old – over 100 years, it may resist refurbishing for several reasons; one may be that it has already been restored in the past so restoring your floor again may have very little effect. However this is generally only the case with really aged floors.


Here at Fenlan Product Store we are firm believers that you can restore anything back it’s natural beauty and your wooden floor is no exception, that’s why we stock a vast array of products from wood finishing products to floor varnish to help you restore, repair and enhance your home’s interior once again. For more information about or products call us today on: 01234 711 799 or visit our website.





Fantastic Christmas Gifts from Fenlan Product Store

Posted on by Fenlan

Are you stuck as to what to buy someone this Christmas? Are you getting fed up of sending bath sets and meaningless gift vouchers every year? Well why not do something different this Christmas and give someone a unique gift that’s different, can be used all year round and is not just for Christmas and the best bit is you won’t buy the same present as anyone else.

Here at Fenlan Product Store we have some fantastic extraordinary gift ideas to give to your family, friends and colleagues, below we have comprised a list of our unique gift package contents and prices so you can find the one that meets your recipient’s needs. Continue reading →

Paint! Don’t get wet!

Posted on by Fenlan

Wanting to do the garden?  But it is still raining…

Why not turn you sights on the tired looking paint work in your house. Our Mylands Paints are just the ticket for brightening your mood, even if the weather doesn’t!

‘The Colours of London’ collection boasts 120 colours, available in:-

Marble Matt Emulsion (suitable for inside and outside walls).

Wood & Metal paint (Inside &Outside)

Wood primer/undercoat (Inside &Outside)

Metal primer/undercoat (Inside &Outside)

Environmentally Friendly; Low Odour and Fast Drying.

Sample sized pots available.

Colour cards with the real paint colour samples on. ‘True Colour Cards’