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Mylands Bar Top Lacquer

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Mylands Bar Top Lacquer 5lts
Drying Time: 45 mins:- at 20°C. Work in conditions of good ventilation. Full description of re-finishing an existing Bar top or table top detailed below.

Mylands Bar Top Lacquer

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  • Re-finishing a Bar or Table top with 'Bar Top Laquer'
  • Coat the surface generously with Stripper and leave for approximately 15 minutes to allow the stripper to bite and soften the finish. Remove the old finish from the surface using a Cabinet Scraper. Repeat the above process if the finish is not entirely removed. Re-coat the surface again with Stripper as before and leave 15 minutes. Remove the stripper using coarse wire wool (No 3 or 4), working in the direction of the grain of the timber. Repeat the above process if necessary to ensure all the old finish is removed. Once all the previous finish has been removed, neutralise the stripper by wiping the surface with Methylated Spirits. Allow to dry thoroughly/
  •  Sand down the timber as required – generally with a minimum of 180 grit paper. Re-coating the surface: If required, stain the timber using Nitrostain, Light Fast Stain, Non Fade Ground Stain, Water Based Stain, or similar to the desired colour. Allow to dry.
  • Apply 1 coat of Mylands Bar Top Lacquer using a Polisher’s Mop or flat Ox Hair Brush. Allow to dry for approximately 45 minutes. * Lightly sand using 240 grit Lubrasil paper. * * The lacquer should sand easily to give a dust – if the lacquer starts to roll up rather than dust, leave to dry for longer. Repeat applications of Bar Top Lacquer until the grain of the timber is filled and you have a level, even surface. Allow to dry for a minimum of 1.5 hours. Pulling over the surface: Make a French Polishers ‘rubber’. Charge the ‘rubber’ with Mylands Weak Pullover Solution and gently squeeze to remove excess. Lightly wipe the ‘rubber’ over the lacquer surface with long straight strokes, working in the direction of the grain. The Pullover will feed through the ‘rubber’ onto the lacquer surface and re-float the lacquer to even out any brush strokes. Care must be exercised to work lightly, as too much pressure or working could damage the finish and undo the work already put in to build up the finish. Allow the lacquer to fully harden before putting the bar back into use. Using too soon after refinishing could result in damage due to abrasion or liquid spills. If the bar must be used quickly, protect the newly finished surface with mats and wipe up spills immediately.

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